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We Will Live Forever. The question is... where?

Heaven or hell. It's your choice.

The Bible makes it clear... there are only two possibilities... heaven or hell.

The New Testament talks a lot more about hell more than it talks about heaven. Hell is real. Heaven is real. You are here on earth for just a wisp of time, then you spend eternity in either heaven or hell.

You will die physically. Some of us die young. Some of us live a "long time." But we all die physically.

After physical death, on judgment day, we ALL will be resurrected. Some will be resurrected to life (heaven). Others will be resurrected to death (hell).

"There shall be a resurrection of the dead, both the of the just and unjust." - Acts 24:15

Jesus will judge us and we will be separated onto two groups. One group on His left and the other on His right.

Who is on His left?

All those who are trusting that Jesus paid their penalty for sin in full. These are the people who know Jesus died to pay their penalty for breaking God's law, and who know that Jesus rose from the death showing us that everything He said was true. These are the people who spend eternity with God in heaven.

Who is on His right?

Those on His right are those who are relying on a false Jesus, or relying on another "god" or relying on their own goodness. These are the people who have turned away from Jesus and accepted a god they've created instead of accepting their creator as their God. These are the people who made their own rules. These are the people who will spend eternity in the lake of fire... what we call hell.

Isn't Eternity In Hell Too Harsh Of A Punishment?

No... it is the exact, perfect justice.

The degree of punishment should be in accordance with the seriousness of the crime.

If you steal a paperclip, the crime against the owner of the paperclip is minor, and probably nothing will happen.

If you steal $20.00 from your coworker's desk. There is a good chance you'll be fired.

If you steal $100,000 from your employer, you'll probably do some jail time.

The greater the offense, the greater the penalty.

If you steal a paperclip you have also committed an offense against God. Stealing is one of the Ten Commandments. The penalty is eternity in hell. Here's why that is a just and fair penalty:

You were created in God's image. As His image bearer you represent God to the entire universe. When you steal something, no matter how small, you are representing God as a thief.

God is eternal, holy, perfect and pure. Your offense is against the eternal God... so the punishment is eternal. Your offense is against the perfect God... so the punishment is appropriate. An eternal hell is the only just and fair punishment for misrepresenting the eternal, perfect, just and holy God..

You will live forever. Where do you chose to be? Heaven or hell?

You've already broken God's laws. You are already condemned to hell. What can you do?

The only option is to find someone who will pay your penalty for you. The only one who can pay an infinite penalty is an infinite God... Jesus Christ. He died and paid your penalty. Do you accept this gift?

The point of decision. Which way are you going to go?

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