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The word "gospel" means "good news."

It is the good news about Jesus Christ.

But, for there to be good news you first need to understand why it is good news.

What happens when you break the law?

You must pay the penalty. Yes, in this world it is possible to get away with it and not get caught. But God knows everything. He even knows your thoughts. You can't "get away with" breaking God's laws.

Ten Commandments - God's Law

Have you broken any of God's laws?

The Ten Commandments are to the right. These summarize God's laws. If you have ever told a lie; or taken sometrhing that does not belong to you; or looked with lust (Jesus says lust is adultery in your heart); or been unjustly angry at someone (Jesus says that anger is murdering them in your heart); then you have broken God's law.

If you break just one law (that's called sin), you must pay the penalty for breaking God's law. Since God is infinate the penalty is infinate -- eternity in hell.

Here is the Good News!

You must pay the penalty you've earned for breaking God's laws. But, what if you could find someone who would pay that penalty for you? The problem is that it is an infinate penalty. There is no human who can pay your penalty. But God can.

The Good News is that God has paid the penalty you've earned.

Jesus, who is God, died on the cross paying the penalty you owe for sin. He was dead and buried. Then three days later He rose from the dead show you that everything He promise is true. There is life after death! You can have that life!

This is a free gift from God. Now you have a choice to make. If you accept this gift, it is yours. But if you reject it, then you must pay the penalty you've earned for sin. That means eternity in the lake of fire (hell). Please... turn away from disobeying God (sinning) and trust Jesus to give you eternal life.

If you believe Jesus is God; that Jesus died to pay your penalty in full for sin (there is nothing more you need to do); and that Jesus rose from the dead showing us there truly is life after death... then praise the Lord! You have accepted God's gift. You have a new life with Christ living in you.

We invite you to tell Him how you feel about this Good News and your new life.

Save Yourself Some Pain (Living Waters web site)

If you do not believe Jesus died to pay the penalty for your sin; If you do not believe Jesus rose from the dead; If you believe in a different Jesus (such as the Jesus of the LDS church, the Jehovah's Witnesses' Jesus, or other Jesus' that don't exist); If you don't believe in God; If you are Muslim, Hiundu or Buddhist. Then, please consider carefully what you are reading on this web site. You don't need to go to church. You don't need to be baptized. You don't need to say a prayer. Just believe that God (Jesus) died to pay your penalty for sin in full. Believe that your sin, past and future, has been completely washed away by Jesus' death 2000 years ago. Trust Jesus for eternal life.

The Ten Commandments

1) Have no other Gods before God, creator of the universe. (Do not have anyone or anything that is more important than God.)

2) Do not worship anyone or anything other than God, creator of the universe. (Do not worship money, cars, women, clothes, fame...)

3) Do not use the name of God in vain. (As a cuss word or to express surprise, for example.)

4) Keep the Sabbath day holy.

5) Honor your father and mother.

6) Do not murder. (Jesus said that if we get angry at someone, or call someone a "fool" that is also murder. Matthew 5:22)

7) Do not commit adultery. (Jesus said that looking at another person, who is not your spouse, with lust is adultery. Matthew 5:28)

8) Do not steal. (Even taking something small is stealing.)

9) Do not give false testimony (do not lie).

10) Do not covet your neighbor's property.

Perfection is required to enter heaven. Have you broken any of the 10 Commandments?

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